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The potential savings companies will experience with automation by 2025 is between $5 to $7 trillion.1

You’ve heard about the benefits of automation, but how does it fit into your business? You may have identified one operation you think you want to automate, but are you leaving opportunities untapped? More than just a vendor, RND Automation is a partner that will conduct a deep exploration and guide you to these answers.

We do significant upfront research to gain a deep understanding of your processes so we can uncover all the possibilities for automation to improve your business.

We will pinpoint your automation requirements, recommend best-scenario solutions and deliver production-ready automated equipment. We examine your processes and needs from a holistic perspective so you can:

  • Understand where automation opportunities lie in your business and how to leverage them
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve quality, consistency and production rates

Guidance throughout your automation lifecycle

Automation is a significant evolution in your company’s journey, and we will be proud to accompany you through every phase. In four easy steps, we will guide you from concept to reality and beyond.

1. Learn

We immerse ourselves in your business and the details of your operations. We learn your business goals and the specifics of the processes you’re seeking to automate by asking the right questions. (And we will ask a lot of questions.) We pride ourselves on becoming, next to you, the foremost experts in your industry.

2. Design

We help you identify the best technology and machinery to implement automation in your process. We analyze your requirements & specifications and design a machine that is the best fit for your needs.  We utilize cutting edge engineering tools to ensure the equipment will work before we begin cutting metal.

3. Build

RND performs over 95% of all design, engineering, programming, and manufacturing operations in our facility. With our in-house CNC machining capabilities and UL 508b panel shop, you can expect us routinely to go beyond the basic requirements to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

4. Service

Many firms consider the project complete once the machine is on your floor.  At RND the automation lifecycle includes service of our systems, both under warranty and after.  With machines in the field for over 20 years, we ensure you have the support you require for the life of the equipment.


90% of companies with revenues above $200 million plan to automate some aspect of their product-producing process in the next three years.


Our capabilities

We offer customizable robotic, packaging and assembly machine platforms. In addition to these areas of expertise, our full line integrated systems combine these individual disciplines to deliver a single source that can automate your process from raw materials to final packaging . We can help you identify where you may be missing out on automation opportunities and recommend an integrated system that can transform your business.


Industries served

While RND works in a variety of industries we believe that you cannot be an expert in all things.  We only take on projects in which we know we can be successful in industries that we fully understand.  If we aren't confident we can be successful we will bring in additional resources that can ensure a successful project.  Industries in which we have considerable experience include:

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