Why Your Industry Needs Automated Packaging

Automation is the future for many industries and processes, but one way it's making its way into the present is in the area of packaging. Is your company using human employees to package your products, rather than giving them opportunities to use their creative minds in other areas? Here are a few reasons you should consider giving your business the upgrade to automated packaging.


Nearly any area can benefit from automation, but the repetitive and time-consuming packaging process is an optimal candidate in any industry. Companies that can adapt robotics to package their goods include:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverages
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial sectors
  • Consumer goods

Even if your products don't fall under one of these categories, you'll likely be able to picture how an automated packaging process will benefit your company. If you have specialized needs or sensitive materials, you can work with the engineers you hire to create a robotic solution that will suit your business. 


You may find an entire crew waiting for some part of the packaging process to complete before they can continue their work or an area where the line gets bogged down as a station struggles to keep up. By automating the process, from each package's movement to the taping, wrapping, and weighing, you can keep everything moving smoothly and accomplish more within the same amount of time.


You may find that a significant portion of your budget goes toward maintaining outdated machines or buying excessive packing materials. If you keep your equipment updated, you'll find that you can combine the mechanisms in some instances — for example, you can get a stretch wrapper with an integrated weight scale — and fine-tune the process to cut down on wasted materials.

Though your company will still need human employees, you can also use automation to cut down on labor costs in numerous ways. Besides using robots to accomplish tasks you'd otherwise need people for, like wrapping pallets, you can also hire a specialist to study the efficiency of your packaging process and help you reduce the number of people you need to set aside for it.

If you don't want to get rid of loyal employees — a valid concern for those who hire many laborers for the process — you can train some of your people to operate the packaging machinery and fix any problems that might arise. Others may have the option to work in areas that still require a human touch, depending on their capabilities. Using robots to cut labor costs doesn't have to mean letting people go. 


Humans are crucial to many parts of your process, but anywhere a person controls the process, there's a possibility for error. With the constant advances in technology, the engineers who design your packaging machines can program them with extraordinarily precise commands for any part of the process they need to accomplish. The automation will perform calculations and measurements the same way every time.

The careful accuracy of a robotic process ensures every package has the correct amount of product and packaging, no matter how long the machine is running or how many units it goes through. While people may tire and make mistakes, get distracted, or forget to include factors, the automated process will continue to operate the way you programmed it to, regardless of what else happens. 

Whatever your automation needs, from packaging to assembly, RND Automation is here to help. As Florida's largest custom machinery manufacturer, we have over 25 years of experience creating robotic solutions, and we've developed expertise in industries from medical and pharmaceutical to aerospace and life sciences. Get in touch today to see how we can bring your company into the future.