Visit RND Automation at Automate Forward 2021

You know how we all complained about tradeshows?  How long the days were.  How hard the floor was.  How days could be both absolutely crazy and dead all at the same time.  Oh how we all complained about tradeshows.

If you're anything like me after 2021 you'd do ANYTHING to have a live tradeshow again.  I miss the travel, the multiple dinners in one night with different customers.  The 3 hours of sleep each day.  Ah, I miss it so.

Since Automate 2020 was cancelled due to COVID they have moved to a virtual event.  Still lots of great speakers and keynotes as well as some of the best automation companies in the world with virtual booths.  Please be sure to reserve time to virtually attend the show and be sure to stop by @RND Automation's virtual booth to discuss what we can do to help with your automations, robotic, and packaging needs.

Register for free at Automate Forward's website