TosiBox and Rockwell’s New Security Vulnerability

A recent cybersecurity announcement of a critical vulnerability that could allow hackers to remote connect to Rockwell Automation Logix controllers was announced a few weeks ago.

This announcement by the US Government Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency is rated 10/10 for importance. It impacts almost every Logix PLC Rockwell manufactures. 

Quoting from the “Mitigations” section of the government and Rockwell announcements: “To reduce risk, Rockwell recommends users ensure they are employing proper network segmentation and security controls. Specifically, network exposure for all controls system devices should be minimized, and controls systems should be behind firewalls and isolated from other networks when possible….”

RND has been using TOSIBOX for the last 4-5 years.  TOSIBOX is an automated firewall, automated network segmentation, has zero attack vectors from the public internet space and minimizes all OT network exposure. This device also allows RND to access your machine in the event of a downtime event.

While TOSIBOX is a standard on all new RND equipment we can also retrofit your existing workcells and robots.  TOSIBOX comes in both a wired (ethernet) version as well as cellular when wired is not an option.

RND also provides a "TOSIBOX in a box" that you can rent from us for troubleshooting or emergency situations.  Simply plug it into your machine and give us access.  It could not be more simple.

To learn more about this critical vulnerability click here: Rockwell Automation Logix Controllers | CISA

To learn more about TOSIBOX and it's security features please click here: TOSIBOX Security FAQ

Update: Rockwell has released a tech note about this issue and ways to help protect yourself in the interim.  Find it here: