RND’s Newest KANGA Medical Device Poucher

RND Automation is proud to present the latest generation of our Kanga 4 sided medical device poucher. RND developed this unit in response to the complaints our customers have made about our main competitor, Quickpouch. We took these suggestions and complaints to heart and belive these are just some fo the features that set us apart from Quickpouch.

  • Allen Bradley Controls Standard - others charge for this option
  • Gasketed Die Sets - from day one we have always provided gasketed dies sets
  • Quick Change Tooling - 4 bolts and the tooling slides out.  No need to unwire thermocouples, heater rods or remove large portions of the die set to change out tooling.
  • Enclosed Web Stock - our competition charges extra for this.  The KANGA offers it standard.
  • Vision Inspection - We are experts at OCR and vision inspection.  When coupled with our printing capabilities we will ensure our pouches will always look amazing (and be correct)
  • Customization - we are, at heart, a custom automation and robotics manufacturer.  While many are less than successful in making these custom loading and unloading add-on, this is RND's area of expertise.
  • Service & Support - we have a full time spare parts and service group here to help.  We also offer remote in capabilities to diagnose your KANGA no matter where it the word it might sit.

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