RND wins the 2021 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Silver Medal

RND is proud to announce that we are the 2021 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Silver medal winner.  RND is one of over 140 manufacturing companies to be selected as a finalist.  This places RND in the top 10% of all companies who were nominated for this award.  RND Automation was also a runner up in 2018.

This award and process have been developed through the cooperative efforts of strategic partners, FloridaMakes and The Florida Sterling Council. The award examiners’ team is comprised of individuals from the manufacturing and Sterling communities who contribute time, expertise, and diverse perspectives in company evaluations.

The purposes of this award are to:

  • Recognize high-performing Florida manufacturing companies.
  • Provide opportunities for organizational learning and development.
  • Promote and elevate participating manufacturers and Florida’s manufacturing sector.

RND was interviewed by and provided tours to the examiners who dove deep into our processes, employee training efforts, leadership and company values.

We would like to thank our leadership team and all those at RND involved in the process over the last several month.  It's an honor to be recognized as one of the top manufacturing companies in Florida.