4 Benefits of an Automatic Pouching System for Electronic Product Sales

When selling electronics, you have a delicate material you want to ensure arrives in mint condition to consumers. As you deliver packages through the mail, one of the main ways to ship electronics is through a protective pouch. The pouch is ideal for computer parts or complete electronics like a cell phone.

One of your options for pouch packaging is a robotic system that can complete tasks at a rapid pace. Not only are the pouches prepared and packaged, but the robotic systems usually come with advanced features to help ensure proper protection. Learn about the direct benefits associated with an automatic pouching system.

1. Customized Barcodes

As you prepare products for shipping or warehouses, you do not need to place barcodes or tracking information directly on the electronic component. As you set up an automatic pouching system, you can format the printouts to include customized barcodes for each product. The barcodes can help you track specific items, along with inventory counts.

A hot ink printer will quickly add the barcode to a pouch and can create a unique barcode for every pouch printed. The unique codes often come in QR codes. The QR codes can connect you directly to your inventory database and allow you to track individual products.

The printer can also add custom branding to each pouch. For example, you can add your company logo or contact information directly to the package.

2. Automatic Inspection

With robotic technology, pouching system machines detect the slightest errors when pouches are printed and packaged. The automatic inspection can detect tears in the package, uneven sealing, and other errors. The errors are automatically found, and you can quickly address the situation.

The automatic inspection will save time on package delays and the manual work needed if you were to package the items yourself. You can save money with the robotic inspections and help prevent faulty package distribution to consumers.

Along with the automatic inspection, machines detect jams and prevent major backlogs if a problem occurs. Multiple layers of security ensure smooth production rates for each pouch.

3. Seal Pressure Monitors

When handling electronics, you likely want to avoid air exposure and static electricity. A static shock can create major problems with electronics, especially if human hands handle them. With a robotic system, each pouch is properly sealed and pressurized to ensure static electricity does not impact the electronic device.

Similar to the automatic inspection features, the pressure monitor will keep each package the same when the items are sealed inside. The little bubble of air adds an extra layer of protection, and you can set the specifications based on the product needs.

4. Easy Open Options

As consumers receive the packages, you do not want the electronics getting damaged. A robotic pouch system can provide multiple methods to open the package. One of the easiest elements to implement on the package is a tear notch. The tiny notch goes near the top seam of the package so a consumer can easily pull and tear the package open.

Another option is an easy peel package. A corner flap can easily lift up and peel the top of the package open to reveal the contents inside. Both methods are ideal so a consumer does not need to rip the package or use scissors to cut the package open.

The option you choose depends on the product and exact package materials. Through the robotic inspection process, the machine will ensure each package has the proper opening method featured on the design.

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