While every project is unique, studies have shown a packaging cost savings ranging from 30%-70% when switching to rigid or flexible form, fill, and seal machinery.

Package quality is essential to the success of your product. We have designed our Horizontal and Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machinery (HFFS / VFFS) with our key customers in mind.  Unlike many machines that were originally designed for the food industry then adapted to medical device and consumer products, our packaging machinery is purpose designed to meet the stringent FDA validation, PQ, OQ, and IQ requirements for your industry.

We work with a variety of film and web materials and can help suggest the best way to design your package for the lowest cost and greatest throughput.  We also know that downtime in your process is unacceptable. While our machinery has a track record of excellent up times, we have a service staff ready to support you via remote connectivity or onsite assistance.

While our core machinery is standard, custom is in our DNA.  We are happy to provide numerous standard options or design new features to support your specific product needs.


RND Automation's MiniPack is the industries' smallest footprint, Horizontal Form Fill & Seal machine.  Ideal for medical device, consumer product, and pharmaceutical packaging, the MiniPack is fully FDA validateable.  The MiniPack can form flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid blisters with a variety of top web options including foil, poly or Tyvek.  Our simple tool change allows for multiple forms on the same machine.  With easily viewed and maintainable stations, full spare parts lists, assembly drawings, and unprotected full source code, our open architecture gives you control of your machine.

Options including (but not limited to) product inspection, printing on top and bottom web, film registration, pin hole detection, printing inspection, validation ports, and automated product loading / unloading make the MiniPack the clear choice for your packaging needs.

  • Max Web Width: 12.6″ (320mm)
  • Max Index Length: 12.0″ (305mm)
  • Max Package Draw Depth: 4.0″ (102mm)
  • Max Film Thickness: Up to 20mil
  • Max Film Roll Diameter: 16.0″ (406mm)
  • Machine Speed: 10-18 indexes per minute

MiniPack XL

RND Automation's MiniPack XL is the Extended Load version of our popular MiniPack, Horizontal Form Fill & Seal machine.  When your process requires multiple cavity blisters at a high output rates, the customizable length load area allows products to be loaded with human operators or robotic automation.

The MiniPack XL is a great choice when you have a series of additional operations such as pin hole detection, card or literature feeding, multiple product inspections, high output rates or when you just need extra room to load your products.

  • Max Web Width: 12.6″ (320mm)
  • Max Index Length: 12.0″ (305mm)
  • Max Package Draw Depth: 4.0″ (102mm)
  • Load Area Length: Fully customizable
  • Max Film Thickness: Up to 20mil
  • Max Film Roll Diameter: 16.0″ (406mm)
  • Machine Speed: 10-18 indexes per minute

KANGA Poucher

The KANGA Poucher is a Vertical Form, Fill & Seal pouching system that forms four-sided pouches for the medical device, pharmaceutical, durable goods and other industries. Designed as an economical solution for companies that require flexibility for wide product diversity, the KANGA offers the highest quality packaging in the industries’ smallest footprint.

The KANGA offers as a standard: Two-stage jam detection, digital pressure monitoring, servo control, hot swappable dies, guarded web rolls and Ethernet connectivity. The KANGA can be hand loaded or automatically loaded with robotics, vibratory, or powder feeders. Options include; thermal or inkjet web printing, printing inspection, conveyor takeaway, multiple die sets, recipe control, nitrogen purge, barcode integration, and many more.

  • Min/Max Pouch Sizes: 2" x 2" to 8" x 11"
  • Film Types Supported: Poly, Foils, Tyvek, PET
  • Max Film Roll Diameter: 12.0″ (305mm)
  • Machine Speed: 10-20 indexes per minute
  • Footprint (w/o printer): 36" x 36" x 39"
  • Options Include:

Thermal or Digital Printing, Film Registration, Tear Notch, FDA Validation Ports, Nitrogen Purge and more...

MediSeal - Rotary Sealer

The MediSeal is a semi-automatic Tray Sealer offered with single or dual independently controlled seal heads. The system requires preformed trays and precut sheets of pre-printed lid stock. This machine is best suited to target low volume production environments or applications requiring frequent tool changes. Optional vision inspection of trays and contents can help prevent costly recalls if products are out of place or not present before sealing.

Large trays are often difficult to seal.  Our rigid sealing dies will ensure you get consistently good seals.  We monitor temperature, pressure and contact time to ensure your package meets your requirements before leaving your facility.  The MediSeal machine is fully validatable and was designed specifically for these large format, high dollar medical devices.

The MediSeal Tray Sealer can produce up to 600 packages per hour depending on the number of cavities per rotation.

  • Max Tray Size: 21" x 6" x 6"
  • Safety: CAT 3 with Zero Access Guarding
  • FDA Validatable Seal Process
  • Recall Prevention System and Controls
  • Quick-Change Tools and Recipes


RND Automation's TrayPack is an inline Tray Sealing Machine.  This machine is designed to seal pre-formed trays with film from rollstock or diecut paperboard backings.  Speeds of up to 100 trays per minute are capable in this easy to change over packaging machine.  When multiple products are to be run the machine can be set up for toolless and operator free HMI driven change over.

Designed for the consumer products industry, this workhouse will produce products for hours on end with the ability to refill the tray denester or card dispenser on the fly.  Coupled with automated loading this machine can run for hours unattended.

MDC TrayPack Best Suited for:

  • Lip Balm & Cosmetics
  • Razors & Razor Blades
  • Batteries
  • Small Consumer Electronics
  • E-Cigarettes & Vaping Cartridges
  • Handtools
  • Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Fasteners
  • Point of Sale "Impulse Buy" items

SureVac Leak Testers

The SureVac family of leak tester/bubble tester machines are an integral part of any quality control program for sanitary and sterile packaging. SureVac is ideal for detecting gross leaks in a wide range of blister packs, pouches and medical device packaging.

SureVac will test a sealed package in a water-filled vacuum chamber to a preset vacuum level for a set amount of time. Air bubbles are an indication of a leak. An immediate seal failure is indicated by a “burst” of the package in the water.

The most common uses for SureVac leak testers in industry are altitude simulation, seal integrity testing and package development and a great tool for performing the following ASTM tests:
ASTM D-6653, ASTM D-3078, ASTM D-4991.

  • Vacuum Range: 0-24” Hg (@ 68°F, 0% RH, 0')
  • Detectable Leak Size: 50 microns
  • Air Source: 90 PSI, 7 SCFM
  • Power Source: 100-240VAC, ~0.5A, 50-60 Hz
  • Internal Tank Size ("): 17 x 7 x 7 and 20 x 16 x 8
SureVac Leak Tester

More Than Just Packaging

RND can deliver comprehensive, full line integrated systems built to leverage the latest innovations in robotics, packaging, and assembly automation. As your automation partner, RND can go beyond just packaging to help you drive efficiencies throughout your operation by being your all-in-one integrator.

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