Modular Assembly Platform

This highly customizable standard platform can be used for a variety of assembly and testing operations. The small footprint assembly cell is powered by MagneMotion linear motor technology. The MagneMotion track moves the assembly operation precisely and quickly from station to station, where an operation value adds to the final assembly.

When the number of operations begins to grow, we simply add a second frame, MagneMotion track and top guarding module to the machine, creating 2, 3, 4 or more bays.

All of RND's M.A.P.s are controlled by industry standard Rockwell Automation's Allen Bradley PLCs and Touchscreen HMIs. Our intuitive interface allows you to recover from any fault in a matter of moments. The HMIs guide you through the recovery process and provide production data such as OEE, throughput and alarm history. Our remote connection technology also allows us to help you diagnose any issues by giving RND access to update code and HMI screens from our offices, regardless of where our machines may be deployed.

  • Modular Length: 1-10 bays
  • Upgradable: Add a bay to add process
  • MagneMotion Pallet System is Accurate & Fast
  • Perfect for: Medical Device, Industrial Valves, Consumer Products
  • Output: 4-10 / minute depending on operations
  • Asynchronous: Ability to double up on slower stations (unlike on a dial) to allow lower cycle times even with longer individual operations.

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