80% of manufacturers report a shortage of qualified applicants for skilled production positions, and the shortage could cost US manufacturers 11% of their annual earnings.1

Automated assembly robotics provides another opportunity to increase your return on investment while improving speed and accuracy in your automated assembly operations. Our high-speed robotic assembly systems offer many benefits, including reduced labor, scrap and ergonomic issues, as well as increased quality and throughput.

Try our assembly automation system for yourself to experience how convenient and efficient it can be. We use our assembly automation to solve challenges for customers like you. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you with our modular assembly platform, rotary dial assembly, and robotic welding as part of our robotic assembly solutions.

Modular Assembly Platform

This highly customizable standard platform can be used for a variety of assembly and testing operations. The small footprint assembly cell is powered by MagneMotion linear motor technology. The MagneMotion track moves the assembly operation precisely and quickly from station to station, where an operation value adds to the final assembly.

When the number of operations begins to grow, we simply add a second frame, MagneMotion track and top guarding module to the machine, creating 2, 3, 4 or more bays.

All of RND's M.A.P.s are controlled by industry standard Rockwell Automation's Allen Bradley PLCs and Touchscreen HMIs. Our intuitive interface allows you to recover from any fault in a matter of moments. The HMIs guide you through the recovery process and provide production data such as OEE, throughput and alarm history. Our remote connection technology also allows us to help you diagnose any issues by giving RND access to update code and HMI screens from our offices, regardless of where our machines may be deployed.

  • Modular Length: 1-10 bays
  • Upgradable: Add a bay to add process
  • MagneMotion Pallet System is Accurate & Fast
  • Perfect for: Medical Device, Industrial Valves, Consumer Products
  • Output: 4-10 / minute depending on operations
  • Asynchronous: Ability to double up on slower stations (unlike on a dial) to allow lower cycle times even with longer individual operations.

Rotary Dial Assembly

Dial indexing assembly cells are highly efficient, have quick cycle times and are easily deployable.  Most consist of a servo indexing central dial or ring indexer which is both fast and very accurate.  Most system stations are fed by vibratory feed systems with a FANUC or Epson SCARA robot used to load the nests.  Other options include laser marking, leak testing, vision inspection, press operations, welding, electrical testing and more.

Speeds of 60-120 parts/min can be achieved depending on the operations required.

All controlled by a touchscreen HMI, this assembly solution can be used for a variety of applications for several industries.

  • Multiple Sizes: Ranging from 20"-48" Dial
  • Standard Dial or Ring Indexer Options
  • Fast Index Times: < 0.50-0.75 sec
  • Output: Capable of 60-120 parts/min depending on application

Machine Vision & Inspection

RND’s vision inspecting and testing systems will make secondary inspections and random quality control samples a thing of the past. The ability to inspect parts at speeds up to 500 parts per minute allows RND's machinery to ensure that only "to spec" parts leave your assembly machine.

RND Automation are experts in both Cognex and Keyence visions products.  We can also custom write software using standard HD GigE cameras to customize the inspection or image capture to your individual needs.

  • Presence & Absence
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Flash / Scratches / Marring Detection
  • Color Analysis
  • Part Location

Robotic Welding

RND is Florida's only Lincoln Electric Authorized System Integrator.  Fast delivery and short setup mean you can have your automated welding system up and running quickly.  Our FabMate cell is highly flexible and portable for use in multiple operations.  Coupled with the industry’s favorite arc welder and FANUC's superior reputation the cell will operator with years of trouble free production.


  • MIG / TIG / Laser Welding
  • Lincoln Electric FANCU AIS Partner
  • Spot Welding / Path Welding
  • Specialize in Medical Device and small parts

More Than Just Assembly

RND can deliver comprehensive, full line integrated systems built to leverage the latest innovations in robotics, packaging, and assembly automation. As your automation partner, RND can go beyond just assembly to help you drive efficiencies throughout your operation by being your all-in-one integrator.

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